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Private Dog Training

MCC trainers are the best in the business!  Our trainers bring a wealth of knowledge from the police canine industry to help you get the most of your canine companion.  Lessons are held at our facility in rural Scott County, MN. Sessions start at $125 per session. For the DIY experience, with expert guidance, sign up for a private lesson with a professional trainer!

private dog training
Modern Private Dog Training Methods

Private Dog Training for Positive Results

Our methods work for all dogs and all breeds! By using positive reinforcement and inducing behavior to "shape" and train behaviors, the dog learns to duplicate these behaviors. Think C.P.R. Consistency, Patience and Repetition. Consistency is key in dog training. Done over time with multiple repetitions, any dog can have sound, reliable obedience, and problem behaviors can be mitigated. Whether it is a boot camp or private lesson, we utilize these methods and the proper use of equipment to get solid results that work for any dog and any handler!

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