Custom Dog Training

Our service offerings include: Board & Train Boot Camps, Private Training Sessions and Police K9 Training & Consulting


Dog Boot Camps

Boot camps are our full-service training package. Simply drop off your dog at our beautiful training facility and come back to an obedient dog. Our boot camps vary in duration from three to eight weeks based upon the complexity of the contract and each individual dog's needs. We provide regular updates via videos on our YouTube channel.  To view your dog’s progress, simply subscribe, turn on notifications and you will be notified when a new video is uploaded.  We offer three boot camp packages:

  • Basic/Behavior Modification

  • Intermediate and Puppy Camps

  • Advanced Off Leash


Personal Training Sessions

MCC trainers are the best in the business.  We bring decades of experience in the police canine industry to help resolve problem behaviors and advance the obedience training experience. Our personal training sessions give you the freedom to work at your own pace and learn new skills and methods.


Tactical Police Canine Handler’s Course

Working a police dog presents challenges unlike any other for law enforcement agencies. Therefore, it is vital that police agencies evaluate and choose a training program that aligns with the principles of 21st Century Policing while at the same time puts quality police canine teams and tactically-minded handlers on the street. Our Tactical Police Canine Handler's Course is an eight-week course that focuses on developing tactically-minded handlers with an emphasis on search work and control. Upon completion, teams will achieve a Minnesota POST approved police canine certification. In addition, teams will be "street ready," with strong tracking and evidence search profiles. Dogs are also trained in an apprehension profile and tactical obedience. This course is for licensed law enforcement only. For more information, contact Andrew Helgerson at

Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials

If you are looking for a place to bring your dog for training look no further. We brought our 1 year old German Shepard mix to Andy and the difference between when we brought him in to after is remarkable. Our dog now is trained off leash, heels at the first command and has completely changed his behavior all around for the better. We feel confident in going on walks again, having people over and bringing him new places.

Ian Sullivan

While I missed my dog very much for 5 weeks, the results I got have been amazing and well worth the time spent away.  Before he caused a lot of stress and I could hardly walk him by myself. He had selective listening skills and was always chasing my cat. Now, I can take him anywhere and his behavior is amazing.  He listens to his commands and responds accordingly.  If he was a door dasher before and when the front door was open he was off. I want to thank Minnesota Canine Consulting!  Since Ford has been home life with him has been really less stressful overall!

Kelli Hoeppner

Andy and his team of trainers are so knowledgeable and great at what they do. They took our 7 month old German Shephard and within 4 weeks had her walking perfectly on a leash and doing commands like "sit" and "down". We get complements all the time on how well mannered she is! The video updates during the training were fun showing her progress along the way. I have already referred another friend to MN Canine Consulting!

Emily Thull

If you are looking at this place don't hesitate a second more. We needed some help with off leash and reactivity for our dog. He had some fundamental manners and training but definetely needed some professional help for these issues. He spent a month in boot camp and came back as a well trained machine. He is a sweet dog and is now living his best life because of these amazing trainers. They are able to get to know your dog and how they respond and what they need to succeed. They are amazing and know their dogs.

Heather Gorman


Following is a list of frequently asked questions regarding dog training,

Where does my dog stay during training?

The dog stays at our beautiful facility and is assigned their own run/kennel space.  Kennels and runs are cleaned multiple times a day and staff consistently monitor the facility to ensure it is clean, safe and efficient for the training process.

Do you train aggressive dogs?

Generally, no.  Any dog that has bitten another animal or human (regardless of severity) will not be accepted into the program.  We offer a consultation fee of $100 to have your dog evaluated prior to entering the program.  We maintain perspective and will always put human lives first when making decisions regarding training aggressive dogs.

What do I need to bring with my dog for training?

Required items include medications and current vaccinations records.  Requested items are food and any collars or training equipment that the training staff indicates will be used in the training process. You will receive a list of required items upon booking.

What is different about MCC?

MCC trainers are working dog handlers. We have experience training and working dogs in the police canine industry where reliable behaviors are a must.  We use advanced tools and techniques and are experts in electronic/remote collar training.

Do you train a specific breed only?

No.  Our system works for all dogs, regardless the breed.

Ready to start your journey to a more obedient, happy and confident dog?

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