In-Home Dog Training

Want all the benefits of working with a professional trainer from Minnesota Canine Consulting without leaving your house? Now you can!

We are pleased to offer a FREE dog training in your home consultation and multiple in-home dog training options.

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Positive Dog Training for Positive Results

Dog Training in Your Home

Is your dog jumping up on guests, stealing food off the counter and just overall misbehaving?  Perhaps you are looking for a trainer with real-life experience to help you get your dog on an obedience routine that won't be tedious or overly complicated to maintain.  If so, we have the solution!  
Our dog training in your home packages are designed to tackle common issues related to dog ownership.  Each lesson is individually tailored using reliable obedience methods to focus on specific issues and get results!  During your FREE consultation, we put together a plan to help you get on the path to a better relationship with your canine companion.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote and to learn more about our programs!

Examples of Common Dog Training in Your Home Topics:

-New dog introductions
-Basic Obedience
-Walking on loose leash
-House manners: door greetings, jumping, counter surfing
-Children interactions
-Cat and Dog harmony in the house
-Multi-dog household management
-Aggressive behavior toward family members and/or guests
-Aggression on walks (leash aggression)
-Separation Anxiety
-Resource Guarding


-Free Consultation then pay as you go lessons $150
-5 home dog training lessons $725
-10 home dog training lessons $1350

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