Pros of E-Collars for Dogs

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May 23, 2023
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E-Collars for Dogs Pros

Electronic collars (e-collars ) are used as an effective dog training method. A small receiver box is attached to a collar the dog wears around its neck. The owner uses a remote control to activate the response system which alerts the dog with a tone, vibration, or pulsating physical signal. It's different than a shock collar. 

A verbal command should be given when the owner presses the button so that the dog begins to make associations with the command and behavior. Positive reinforcement should be used to praise the dog and when all of this comes together, dogs learn how to be the fuzzy friends we love to have in our homes!

At Minnesota Canine Consulting we value the safe use of e-collars! We have the knowledge base and skill set to make e-collars a beneficial training solution.

Keep reading to learn about the many benefits you can expect from choosing e-collars as your training method!

Effective Communication Tool 

E-collars are a great way for dog lovers to communicate with their dogs. Think of e-collars like an extension to a leash in that when you pull a leash, dogs generally respond. It’s a communication pattern. The function of e-collars is similar in that the reaction they create tells your dog something about expected behaviors. 

Timing is important in training and e-collars deliver immediate feedback to dogs. The benefit of immediate timing relates to correcting behavior because the minute your dog acts out, you are able to send them instant information that draws their attention to the behavior. It can be hard to get that immediate response time without an e-collar!  

Freedom for Dogs

When you are consistent with your training, e-collars give your dogs the freedom to be off-leash more often and in more settings. How?

Imagine you live in a neighborhood where there’s a steady amount of traffic. You trust your dog to remain safely in the yard, but perhaps a pesky squirrel is teasing him! He darts off and you see an oncoming car. Because he is wearing his e-collar, you can quickly get your dog's attention. So you press the button, he responds appropriately with behavior modification, and safely returns to your yard. Phew!

This situation would’ve likely ended differently if it weren’t for the e-collar. The e-collar helps owners trust their dog’s choices when things might get chaotic. Teaching your dog yard boundaries is important to ensure safety and these training collars help your dog quickly learn to stay in the yard.  

Safe & Versatile Training Option

Many remote training collars come with adjustable stimulation levels that allow dog owners and dog trainers to personalize their dog’s training experience. Consider the different dogs you know – they all have different personalities, shapes, and sizes. E-collars come with different settings to make sure your dog has the right experience for your different training needs. 

Because of an e-collar’s expansive range, you can count on them as a reliable off-leash training tool. Some models also come with GPS capabilities which allow you to track your dog at any given moment. 


With their array of benefits, it’s no wonder why e-collars are growing in popularity! They give humans the ability to quickly communicate with their dogs for training and in times of safety concerns. In turn, dogs are given the freedom to live that good ol’ dog life!

E-collars are versatile in design so you can trust that there’s a perfect fit out there for your particular dog’s needs. 

If you’re looking for an effective and time-efficient way to train your dog, e-collars are your ticket! Reach out to Minnesota Canine Consulting today to get answers and insight from our passionate and highly educated dog training profession.


How do I know what kind of e-collar to use?

To pick the best e-collar, you need to keep a couple of things in mind like the size of your dog, your training goals, your desired stimulator type (tone, vibration, or pulse), and your connection range needs. Rest assured that e-collars come in many varieties so you will be able to find the right fit for your dog!

Do e-collars hurt my dog?

If you’ve ever been exposed to a stimulator treatment at your chiropractor, you can compare that experience to what dogs with an e-collar experience. A shock collar is a thing of the past and we are not fans of the harsh settings. An e-collar is not the same thing as a shock collar. 

How do e-collars work?

E-collars are electronic dog training aids. E-collars have a small electronic receiver attached to them. The collar must be properly fitted to your dog’s neck. The owner then uses a remote that speaks to the receiver attached to the collar. Upon the owner pressing the remote, the collar’s response system is activated and a tone, vibration, or pulsating physical signal will be given to your dog. When used consistently, dogs will learn the difference between good and bad behavior.

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