Group Dog Training

At Acres of Fun Pet Resort and Minnesota Canine Consulting, we offer three group training classes designed to address your training needs!  Our courses are held at our facility located at 1771 260th St E, New Prague MN 56071, with the potential for off-site field trips based on the pace of the course.  

private dog training

Basic Dog Obedience & Problem Solving Course

$110 (One handler)
$135 (Two handlers)

Learn basic canine obedience from the experts at Minnesota Canine Consulting!  In this class, you will learn how to teach basic behaviors such as sit, down, come and heel.  We will discuss how to use equipment to achieve reliable obedience and good manners, as well as how to problem solve issues and create a more confident and obedient canine companion.


  • April 2- 3pm- FULL
    April 10 - 6pm-

  • April 16 - 3pm- FULL

  • April 23 - 3pm- FULL


    May 7- 3pm
    May 15- 6pm
    May 21- 3pm
    May 30- 6pm

Puppy Basics Training Course


A happy hound is a happy house! In this class we will discuss the basics of training a puppy to help build a healthy and happy relationship with your puppy! Some of the topics we will discuss include:

  • Positive Reinforcement Obedience Methods

  • Walking On Leash

  • Manners/Greetings

  • Crate and House Training Tips- Excessive barking

  • General Health and Wellness Concepts

We welcome puppies up to one year old and up to two handlers for this course. Trainers will work with you to develop good habits and problem solving skills that will transition well into the life of your canine companion!

  • April 10 - 7pm- Limited Space

  • April 16 - 4pm- Limited Space

  • April 23 - 4pm- Limited Space

  • April 30 - 4pm- Limited Space


    May 7- 4pm
    May 15- 7pm
    May 21- 4pm
    May 28- 4pm

E-Collar/Remote Trainer - Advanced Training Course

*must have previously gone through basic course


Possibly one of the most misunderstood and misused pieces of equipment in the dog training world is the e collar. Commonly (and improperly) referred to as a shock collar, we will teach you the proper way to introduce this tool to your training regimen and expand your dog's abilities up to off leash capabilities. In addition, you will learn how to use this tool to define boundaries and correct common problems that owners frequently face. E-collar Technologies products are available for purchase during this course. Over the course of six classes, you will see a marked improvement in your dog's performance if properly and consistently trained.

  • TBD

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